God is Hope

The clouds are marching slowly in unison across the sky, bringing contour to the mountains.  Their shadows float, creating images that change the landscape below.  The trees are beginning their transformation from shades of summer green, to reds and yellows.  It is a slight change so far, but the cool brisk breeze whispers more colors are coming.  Seasons change.  As sure as the sun rises, seasons change.  
     We are in a time of change, just like the landscape in front of me changes slightly, then suddenly, so does the climate of our country.  I cannot get the upcoming election out of my mind.  No matter who wins, things are going to change.  The stock market knows it too.   After the autumn comes the winter, then spring…thank God for the spring.  I feel winter coming in more ways than one.  However, it is not a time to fret and worry because no matter how many winters I have weathered, spring has always come…and with it hope.  
     I feel that hope today.  Fall is here and the coolness of the day puts pep in my step.  It is my favorite time of year, because the leaves are changing and that means holidays are just around the corner.  Holidays are reminders of what is important.  If you can get beyond the commercialism, underneath the all the stuff lays faith and family…the bedrock of who we are. This year our surroundings will be different for family events.  The culture is likely to be different as well.   Yet in the midst God remains the same, like the mountains are the same as the seasons change.  
    Our house is almost finished…resurrection in the midst of upheaval.  Just like in life. The smoke smell is gone; what is left smells like new construction…the scent of paint and freshly cut wood.  Life-giving smells.  The days of sin covered garments are over.  The work has been done, and now there is a new robe of many colors covering all that was transformed underneath.  The outside is reflecting the inside work.  It is the cosmetic time…the fun time…after the gut-wrenching, painful cleaning out.  I am transfixed with colors and smells of seasons around me.  I am quietly and seriously watching the times while still seeing hope in the future.  God is sovereign.  God is good.   He will hold us and keep us because…God is hope.

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