Catching up

    Did you think I had forgotten you?  I have NOT fallen off the planet.  I have been having some computer issues.  I also have been very busy.  An update on Bill first… his pain has become manageable… most of the time.  It still comes strongly if his medicine wears off but as long as he has the meds he can function.  That is better than before when even with meds he was hurting.  He has been going to physical therapy and doing exercises as well as medication.  Now that the steriods have worn off it seems the pain is back but not as acute as before.  He is going to the doctor this week for follow up so we will see what he says…

Aaron had a rear-end collision last week.  It was not a huge accident but because he hit a truck with a trailer hitch the air bags deployed.  It did more damage because of that.  The accident was caused by a driver that slammed on his brakes to turn into a gas station to get gas.  The car Aaron hit was able to stop quickly but Aaron wasn’t able to.  Fortunately it was in town and traffic was moving very slowly.  Peter is having some knee problems because he rammed into the back of Aarons seat in the accident.  I will take him tomorrow to see what the problem is.  We thought it was just bruised but now, several days later, he is having trouble walking.  
The good things happening right now… are we visited Hannah this weekend at Berry.  It was Mountain Day.  She is doing quite well.  We had a lot of fun and enjoyed our visit.  We went to church with her and liked the people there.  We spent time with her roomate, got some time around campus.  Enough that Peter has decided he wants to go to there someday.  We will see on that one…he is only in 7th grade, but maybe it will hold.  
Next week she will be home for fall break and it just so happens it is the same as ours!  So I am looking forward to seeing her again so soon.
The house is coming along… they are painting this week.  Maybe carpet too.  Then next week the cleaning company can come and clean the furniture that is currently stored in the garage.  They will clean it out there and then put it back where it was, so the upstairs will be close to finished.  We haven’t heard anything about the rest of the furniture yet, so we are not shopping yet.  We expect to know something soon because my inventories have been in for plenty of weeks.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel!!!!  I will try to get more written in the next few days…

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