Peace in the Midst

Could it be that this financial crisis we are experiencing is the “big” thing I have been sensing?  For over a year I have thought there was change in the wind.  I have felt it was larger than a simple election, though this one is significant, what I feel is bigger than that.  Gas is in short supply.  Investments are in the tank.  Real estate is completely flat. Predictions are dire at best. All of our securities are being stripped from under our feet.  That is the bottom line.

There is a storm brewing…it is actually upon us.  It is huge and we need to prepare our hearts.  If all falls and fails are we ready for what that means?  I am afraid that our generation is unfamiliar with the kind of sacrifice that may be required if financial ruin comes to our country.  The ominous feelings that hover over my heart lead me to believe that things are just getting started.  God is crying out for our attention and it just may be that it will take going through our pocketbooks to get it. 

Yet there is peace.  God is fully aware of our circumstances.  He knows what will happen and when.  This is a time to draw close to him.  Currently, the gas crisis is causing families to stay home.  It is making us re-think our priorities and become more aware of the differences between our needs and our wants.   It is a good thing on many levels.  There is no need for panic but a call to prayer.  To see the darkness that is ahead and rest in the sovereignty of God is something that faith compels us towards.  Peace in the midst of panic.  A light in the darkness for those that cannot understand as their money disappears.  It is this time that God will show himself strong.  He will reveal himself to us as we wait on him with our hearts open to his voice.  Are you listening?   


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