Last Sunday…I am a little late in writing…I had a wonderful experience. Some of you were probably there for the cardboard testimonies at church. If you weren’t it was amazing. For those that do not know, it is a way to share what God has done in your life, without saying a word. The idea is to write a “before” word or phrase on one side of your cardboard and an “after” on the other. For example, one side may say Crack Addict the other would say Addicted to Jesus. It is a simple phrase that sums up what God has done in your life. As the music plays, Our God is Mighty to Save, the procession begins. There are several people lined up and each one takes a turn standing for several seconds holding the before word to the audience. Then slowly, the sign is turned. The transformation of a life is illustrated in this simple motion. I was asked to participate by a dear friend. Bill and I decided to go as a couple. My sign said Cancer on one side and Resurrection Life on the other. Bill’s said Traumatic Brain Injury and the flip side said Healed by His Blood. We felt that there was power in our joint testimony. When we made our signs I thought it would be simple to walk up and turn it. What I did not expect was the emotion that accompanied this uncomplicated action. The flood of tears and the exaltation of victory rushed over me, side by side. It was overwhelming. I could feel the presence of God flowing as person after person testified…silently. What a way to share the love of God! We did this in both services and at Sunday in the Park in the evening. All three times it had the same effect on me; overwhelming gratitude. My friend Robin saw it in the first service. She too is a cancer survivor. Afterwards we hugged through tears. In the second service she joined me as a victor experiencing resurrection life. It was glorious to share the stage with so many people that have experienced God’s amazing grace. I was humbled, overwhelmed, and grateful to participate in such an event.

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