This weekend I had a wonderful surprise.  The family had arranged a birthday party for me at Bill’s moms.  The plan was a cookout swim party.  As far as I knew it was just my own family and Bill’s mom and dad.  We added a friend of Peters to the list.  At home, Bill had been on the phone all morning on and off, leaving the room each time.  I was beginning to get suspicious.  When we arrived at
Skitts Mtn. our friends Pete and Heather came in with their baby Silas.  We hadn’t seen them in awhile and I was excited to see them.  In my mind, that accounted for the suspicious behavior to some degree.  We went on to eat and enjoy each others company.  I went to the sink to put away my dishes and when I turned back around Hannah was standing in the kitchen “Surprise!  Happy Birthday Mom.”  Needless to say my tears flowed out of happiness. It seems somehow she ended up in Cartersville and had to have some direction to get back on the right path home.  That is what all the phone calls were about.  I was just glad for the surprise…It was a great weekend with my girl.


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