I am sitting here after packing my girl up.  We have been working for the past couple of hours and it is a bittersweet process let me tell you.  Excitement mixed with exhaustion on my part…I did have to work today.  The exhaustion leads to tears not a flood yet, but they are right below the surface.  Tomorrow the truck will be loaded while I work, then I will break away to head north.  The boys are set to stay with Bill’s mom and dad.  We will spend the night in a hotel, the same one as her roomate.  Then on Wednesday the dorm opens at 8 am.  We unload and attend the family welcome before saying goodbye sometime after dinner.  Then the long ride home with tears likely flowing the whole way.  I am ready for this…she is ready for this too.  I know that I will grieve along with the excitement.  I know there will be an empty hole that will be left…however, I am thanking God for facebook, cell phones and email.  It is easier now to keep in touch than ever before.  Please keep us all in your prayers as we make this transition.

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