I guess you can tell that I am back at work.  The amount of time to write has drastically decreased.  An update on the house is that they have started the re-building.  I was there yesterday and saw all fresh new lumber ready to be put in.  We are moving from a destruction zone to a construction zone.  It made me think, I know you are surprised by that. J 

The old has been ripped out.  The new is being put into place.  New life. It is another resurrection message in our lives.  The analogy moves along with the events.  The sin has been discovered in our heart.  It burned until it could not be ignored any longer.  The Savior came and put out the fire without question.  Then the work of removing the debris and taking stock of our lives began.  The deep stuff pulled out by the roots.  God-sent professionals have cleaned and washed and dumped what needed to go.  We have been relocated for a time of healing.  Now the resurrection begins.  The freedom that we have wanted from the beginning is within our reach.  God has been faithful to his word to show us the truth about ourselves, knowing the truth is what sets us free.  The freedom to make changes is upon us.  Things that have been moving at a snail’s pace are beginning to move faster. 

            Decisions must be made; colors, carpet, furniture must all be selected.  In the analogy there are also choices.  After a dramatic rescue and healing in our lives we must decide how our lives will look.  Will we change everything or remain the same?  It is a thrilling proposition to think that we have a clean slate.  The world of possibilities is wide open and hope is bubbling out of every pore.  The feel of life pumping through you revives the tired spirit that was sin-filled.  The saturated, smelly fibers of your being are washed whiter than snow.  It is beyond anything that can be imagined.  This is what amazing grace is all about…the soaring of your soul, as you begin to catch the vision of what could be and how things can be different.  It is the resurrection and it is happening to YOU.  Walking through this process with the Lover of your Soul is a completely life-altering event.  You will never be the same.  Your perspective of what is important and what is not is viewed through new grateful eyes.  Compassion for others that are trapped in burning houses overflows into your actions.  Can life really be so miraculous?  You bet it can.  You were created for this freedom, from the beginning!


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