Moving Forward

The first couple of days of school went smoothly.  The newness of the school year has already worn off for the kids and it is back to the grind.  The good news is that the house is starting to look like a house under construction instead of a house of destruction.  They have done most of the demo and will be starting the building at the beginning of the week.  We still are not sure how soon we will be able to move back in but it is looking so much better now that all the damaged areas are removed.  There will still need to be cleaning at the house of the furniture upstairs…though it has been moved to the garage so they could pull out the carpet…they will also spray something that is supposed to take the smoke smell out.  Hopefully it will be able to remove it all.  I still question that, but it DOES smell a lot better now that the carpet is out.   Mom and Dad have been working on getting prices on the inventory items.  I hope to get the first few pages turned in this week so the insurance company can start their estimate.  They say it will take  4 to 6 weeks for them to research our prices.  I guess we will see how that all goes as we move forward. Things are on the move…that is a good thing.

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