Out with the old

I don’t think it is a coeincedence that our house is getting started on the very same day that school starts.  It seems to me that there is a parallel.  Rebuilding, beginning anew.  It is like a fresh start.  The house is being demo-ed tomorrow…out with the old, smelly, nasty stuff.  Last year, you may remember, was the worst teaching year I have ever had…but it is gone…out with the old.  The new materials for the house are coming in…fresh and clean.  Same for school.  New ideas, new ways, new students.  It is a clean slate so to speak.  I think that there is alot of work ahead but hope is on the horizon. God never leaves us without hope.  If you cannot see it, you need to look harder…it is always there.  Sometimes it is a flicker others a blazing flame, but it is never extinguished.  It is a new day and I am smiling.

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