Thanks for your prayers to find Jessie…I guess I should have been more specific in my request.  We did find her but her neck was broken.  As you can imagine this is very very difficult for all of us but especially Hannah…since Jessie was her dog and “best friend.”  There is much weeping and wailing at our house this morning.  One more loss on top of a huge pile of losses.  Just pray that God would draw near in this time and that we could feel his presence as we grieve once again.  This is hitting the kids hard because they were so excited to have the dogs here with us.  Rusty is fine but lonely so we plan to take him back to Bill’s moms.  We are not sure what exactly happened but we think she fell off of a rock embankment and landed on her head.  Her leash was tangled in the trees with only her collar on it.  Her body was 20 feet away.  There may have been a animal involved but there were no marks on her so we don’t think so.  It is a sad sad day.

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