Busy Days and Nuggets

Yesterday was a busy day once again.  This is starting to feel alot like work!  Get up at the crack of dawn and work until 5 or so. Then go to the Gunnins and try to work some more.  I never feel like it when we get back because I am so drained from being in the heat all day. The house feels and smells like an oven.  We drink a ton of water but still the sweat pours off and I am sticky and smelly when I get back.  I try to jump in the pool and swim a few laps in the evening with the boys.  It has been one of the refreshing things about all of this, to spend time in the pool with them. 

Anyway, we moved the computers and assorted printers out yesterday. For reference, in case you ever have a disaster in your home, think about your specialty items that will need more than just an outside cleaning.  Figure out where they would need to be taken and write down the number and name of that place.  You could also list each item that would have to go there.  This one little thing would help you a ton! We will be taking TV’s, DVD players, CD players, and Ipod docks today.  Tomorrow the musical electronics go out.  This is a hassle no doubt, but in the end we will know exactly what we have and everything will be fixed and running. Hurray!

One thing we had to do yesterday was to sign the application for the building permit.  I thought it was interesting that we have to give permission before the rebuilding can start. Another nugget.  In our lives when we want God to start re-building from our mess we have to give him permission.  He does not just come in and start the process on his own, we have to ask and then submit to his work.  We trust him to know what needs to be done.  He is the man with the plan.  Our lives are his expertise.  The first step of this rebuilding???  Demolition.  Yikes!  That sounds scary when you are talking about our hearts!  However, the Lord knows exactly how much of our foundation is damaged.  He also knows the point of impact and he is not afraid to go there and rip out the root problems. In the end we will receive a new and better life that does not stink.  It will be worth the pain,but in the meantime he has to rip and tear and demolish the problem areas.  He will not do that without our permission because it takes courage to survive that kind of godly destruction.  To stand there and watch our lives being apparently destroyed is tough.  The emotions that are involved in this kind of healing work are exhausting.  BUT this is why the bible says that in your weakness he will be strong, and his grace is sufficient.   Like any good builder he knows what the finished product will be.  He knows that the demo is necessary to have quality and safety in the future.  He is completely trustworthy with your soul. The question is do you know that? In our minds it is a risk to let him take a sledgehammer to our hearts.  It requires faith and trust in his goodness.  It requires knowing that he is for your freedom. It requires knowing him.


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