The Miracle List

I have decided to keep a list.  Maybe listing all that we own, for the insurance company, has rubbed off.  During a tragedy there are so many hardships that your head sometimes forgets to look at the bright side.  Overwhelming details crowd your thoughts clamoring for your attention. I try to be a glass half full kind of a person, because I believe with all my heart that God is in everything.  He uses every circumstance in some way for his glory.  By looking for his fingerprints in bad situations, I am exercising my faith and belief that he is a good God.  So far, I have never been disappointed.  He is always there. Even if it takes some time to see him, he is often working in ways that I cannot comprehend until much later.  The depth of insight into his character is most evident in hardship.  Some may say that the items on my list are purely coincidence.  I beg to differ.  When there are this many coincidences I look up to Jehovah Jira, the provider…of miracles.

The Miracle List

1.                          We were home.  Normally we would have already left for church but I decided I needed some peanut butter and crackers before we left so we could wait and eat dinner after church.

2.                          We smelled the smoke and were looking for it before we ever saw it.

3.                          Two of the firemen from the volunteer fire department “just happened” to be at the station when the call came in.

4.                          Half of my family was not home when it happened which allowed more time to get fewer people out unharmed.

5.                          It did not happen while we were sleeping.

6.                          We caught it early enough that the whole house didn’t burn to the ground.

7.                          The landlords we are renting from were in need of some cash flow since they are a builder and a real estate agent in this slow market.  They were trusting God to provide them with renters.

8.                          We found the house even though it was NOT in the rental market.

9.                          The setting is on peaceful land rather than in Helen traffic.

10.                      My regular cleaning lady lost my house but gained business from my new landlords.  She was trusting God to provide her more homes to clean.

11.                      Our builder was in need of an additional job that started immediately because of the slow market. 

12.                      We were able to get the temporary power pole in one day.

13.                      This happened BEFORE school started.

14.                      To be continued….


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