Today was an emotional day…a few tears came forth when I was told I had to inventory every item in the house. (It was like RTI only worse!)  Not only that, but I had to tell the serial number/brand/model number, where we bought the item,  how many years we owned it, and how much it cost now.  That was enough to do me in.  I had to take a breather for a few minutes and collapse.  Then back at it doing the best I could to comply.  The good news is that the cleaning company came and began the clean up.  They packed up and removed almost everything downstairs.  Then they pulled out most of the carpet.  The smell was worse than before while they were taking the carpet out.  Man, what a gross smelling mess.  They are going to be drying out the walls and floors so the mildew doesn’t spread.  They will be working for at least 2 more days to complete this very tedious work.  My hats off to them…I think they need to be on Dirtiest Jobs. My dad came and deliver our instruments to two different places for repair and cleaning.  One was in Atlanta, so it was quite a day for him.  (Thanks Dad)  Bill’s mom watched the kids all day…and fixed dinner!  (Thanks Nannie)  This would not be possible if not for our family support.  My friend commented today on how blessed we are to have so much help.  I heartily agreed.  We have an incredible support system and we have used with every trauma we have faced! 
    In the meantime, we found a cute house to rent.  It is on three acres and has a little creek with a bridge and a pond.  Lots of room for kids and dogs to play, plenty of parking space and a bed for every one.  It is not nearly as big as our house but it is newly refurbished and it was done beautifully.  It was really a miracle we found it because with Octoberfest coming up all the rentals we called on were already booked.  It is not in Helen but on Duncan Bridge Road.  That means that the leaf traffic will not be as big of an issue.  We are relieved about this and it takes a huge load off to know where we will be living.  Our plan is to move in this weekend…probably Saturday.  I will be continuing the inventory of the house for the next few days.  I am thrilled we are moving forward!  It seems like a month since last week!  Thanks for the prayers and keep it up…we are seeing miracles.

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