Good day

     Today we got a lot done.  The cleaning crew came to tell us what they do.  What a relief…they clean every single thing in the house. They will move out the entire downstairs, including clothes, curtains, linens…everything.  They take it to their warehouse and clean it then store it for us until we are ready to move it back in.  Amazing work.  Then we talked to a builder that is ready to get started next week.  We talked to the insurance adjustor and then went looking for houses to rent.  It was a very busy, but productive day.  I am beginning to see things moving forward towards recovery.  We have some organizing to do before the movers come on Monday but other than that they handle it all.  We think we have found a house to rent in Helen.  Thanks to all of you that sent us numbers and names.  We are still looking for something not in Helen, since the fall is the worst traffic time there…however, this house will work if we do not find anything else.  The people were very understanding and gave us a great will appreciate that since they are paying.  I do not think we will find anything as good anywhere else but there is one off of 129 that is closer but we do not know if it is furnished or not. We will check it out but if doesn’t work out we will be in Helen.  Bill of course is looking for houses with theatre rooms and pool tables.  Ha…all the ones he has found are  $1800 per WEEK.  Crazy. 
     We are still looking for someplace to get our instruments cleaned up. We have drums, four acoustic guitars, three electric guitars, two saxophones, one trumpet, one flute, keyboards, piano, and amps for the electric stuff.  Alot of stuff to clean. The cleaning service will clean them but doesn’t specialize in musical instruments…they basically wipe them down.  We need someone who can really take them appart and be sure the water and smoke soot is removed.  My Aunt Betty has given us a few possible places but if anyone knows something close by please let me know.
All in all a good day today.  We are going to the house in the morning first thing to start sorting.  If anyone wants to swing by to help feel free.  You might want to call one of us to make sure we are there…just in case we step out.  If you come you might want to bring a mask, and some really old clothes…you will stink when you leave.  There is standing water so you need good shoes for that.  Hannah has the most sorting because she is going off to college. 
     We also need prayers for the kids. Peter came into bed with me tonight saying he wants to go home.  He has been gone to camp and he says he just wants to sleep in his own bed.  He has always had a fear that someone was going to burn our house down…and he said now he knows its possible for it to burn.  Fear is creeping up.  I am thankful that he is expressing it.  Hannah is not sleeping.  She says she doesn’t feel stressed and cannot figure out why she cannot sleep.  When you internalize trauma, insomnia is the result.  I told her that even though she doesn’t feel stressed that she is.  College coming up, no clothes, room destroyed…just a little stress here.  So please continue to pray as the reality starts to sink in for us all. 

One thought on “Good day

  1. Michelle, I will be praying for you, Bill and the children. I can’t imagine how hard this has been for you all. I am so inspired by your attitude, I can’t even begin to tell you! I had a thought tonight that I’d like to share with you regarding clothes for you. Will you please email me at or call me at 770-654-3821 when you get a chance? Thanks so much and please take care, I pray everyone sleeps soundly tonight! Sherry Lawson

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