Regular Updates are coming

     More than one person has noted my blog title ”Nuggets from the Fire” and wondered what will be the nugget from this experience.  So far my deep and meaningful nugget is that if hell smells anything like my toxic smoke permeating our house you don’t want to go there.  No joke…it is a putrid smell now that the mildew has started from the 2 inches of water on the floor.  Yuck.  What a mess.  I plan to keep you updated on developments here as well as insights when I get them…I am sure there will be some along the way. 
      Currently, we are going to meet the cleaning company today to determine what is able to be saved and what is a total loss.  This will help us alot in knowing how to proceed and what their timeline will be.  We are still looking for a furnished house that will hold 6…we will probably need it for at least 3 to 6 months, maybe more.  If you know of one call me.  We also hope to meet with a builder today to see what he thinks about how long it will take to rebuild.  The adjustor may also be coming today…so this is a big day as far as finding our next steps.
     As far as we go, the kids seem to be taking it all in stride.  Hannah has offered to live with friends the next several weeks if that would make it easier to find a smaller house.  That is sweet for her to offer but I do not want my last few weeks before she leaves for college to be apart from her.  Aaron has continued with his usual activities and seems to be fine.  William is a bit quiet about all of it and seems bothered to go to the house to sort through the stuff.  I think he is going to be fine but he is handling it differently in his usual “march to your own drummer” sort of way.  Peter is still at camp.  I went by and told him yesterday and his comment was “I missed the firetrucks?”  He may feel differently when he sees his room today!  We will be picking him up from camp this morning.  Fortunately for him he has 2 weeks of clothes with him!  The rest of us are rotating 3 or so outfits until they determine if our clothes can be saved…the smell in all of them is horrible. 
     Bill and I are exhausted from the adrinaline.  I recognize this kind of tired from when Bill was in the hospital years ago.  You wake up tired and sore from the stress of having to operate in crisis mode all the time.  One good thing is that our family transitions into crisis mode quite easily because of all of our traumas!  I am sure once we have plan some of that will get better.  Right now I am not sleeping all the way through the night.  I crash hard when I go to bed but when I wake up in the early morning hours I cannot go back to sleep for the list in my head of all that needs to be done.  I also am having a headache that will not quit.  I think it is from the smoke maybe.  We wear masks when we are at the house but it is still hard to breathe and our eyes burn…yuck.  We are taking one step at a time…hey, maybe this is another live in the moment lesson. Right now is all I have…cannot go back…cannot go forward in time…just right now.  We are making the best of it all.  Thanks for your prayers.  Hopefully today we will learn more about what is needed for all of you that are asking.  We love you all!


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