The holiday…the 4th of July…it is a wonderful time of rest and reflection.  I was able to go see mom and dad since my family was away.  I had a restful and relaxed day visiting and enjoying Highlands.  It is such a beautiful place.  My day was interrupted when camp called to tell me that they thought Peter had broken his arm…again.  Of course, on the holiday there are no doctors available.  On Saturday they took him to Quick Care and found out it was NOT broken.  Hurray for that.  I was able to go see him and he didn’t even slow down to speak for more than a minute.  He is in a sling and a splint but other than that is continuing his time at Strongrock.  It was good for me to lay my eyes on the injury and I feel confident that if he has any more problems with it they will call me. 
The rest of my family came home yesterday.  It was good to have them back here…even though the house is no longer clean.  They had a great trip but were glad to be back to real beds after sleeping on the floor in a church for a week.  They all slept in til after noon today!  I had a doctors appointment with the endrecnologist today…I am sure that is spelled wrong.  She manages my diabetes and other hormone issues.  She was very pleased that my A1 C was 5.3…which means my blood sugar levels are well under control.  All of my other numbers looked good as well.  So another good report to go with the oncologist report that I am all clear!  That is something to celebrate.  I also had an eye doctor appointment today…I feel like an old lady with all of my doctors!  Then I felt even older when he told me I have cataracts in BOTH eyes!  I couldn’t believe it.  He thinks it may be chemo related.  Yuck.  He says it is a while before I will need the surgery…but once I have it I will not need contacts or glasses anymore.  I am thinking if they can drug me to get me through the idea of someone operating on my eyes I will come out with great vision.  I will have to go back to him in 6 months to see the progression and how fast I might need to handle this latest side affect of cancer.   Still, even with the bumps that continue to come along, I am so grateful to be living fully that I will happily endure these minor irritations for more days to celebrate life.


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