There is something about laughter…it is fun.  I’ve noticed in our society that we are all about entertainment.  You can tell by how much we pay entertainers, athletes and movie stars.  Yet for all of our entertainment we are more depressed and busy than ever before.  It is sometimes difficult to take the time to have fun.  I have a family and a job so all of that comes before a fun time for me.  All moms can relate to this.  I have fun with my family of course, but it is a rarity to have a fun night just for me.  As my children grow these times are coming around more often than when they were younger.  My point is that we should not forget to laugh.  I went to a Braves game last night with some of my friends…my prayer buddies.  Over the years of praying for our children together we have become close.  We are bonded by the uncommon love that goes with walking through our pains and joys together.  We have seen each other at our worst and it is okay. We have fun when we pray.  We visit and we vent.  It is a safe place for the four of us.  But even then, we are getting together to pray for our families…not just for fun. 

A few months ago Peter and I went to a silent auction to raise money for Relay for Life.  One of the items was Braves tickets and Peter bid on them thinking it would be a great game to go to with Bill for his birthday.  He won the bidding war and got four tickets and a parking pass to the July 1st game.  It was a couple of weeks later that we all realized no one would be here for that game!  Needless to say he was disappointed.  I ended up with four tickets to the game and no one to take from my family.  I was thinking of giving them away but hated to do that.  I talked with a couple of different people about going and we had made tentative plans when God brought my prayer group to mind.  I kind of dismissed the idea because, quite honestly, it is hard to get four women that have 13 kids between them together for anything.  We all work and just to get together to pray for a couple of hours is sometimes difficult.  So I kind of let the idea pass by.  When I was talking to one of the girls she said she had NEVER been to a Braves game…so I invited her to go with me.  Then I decided to chance calling the other two.  Much to my surprise, all four of us could go!  (Funny how that works when God puts it together)

The night before was like Christmas Eve for children.  We were so excited and anticipating being together for a city adventure!  Yesterday all day was planned around leaving for fun at 4:30.  (It is kind of sad that we have to write in fun to start at a certain time on the calendar.) We got there and had a blast even though the Braves lost.  We yelled and chanted and tomahawk chopped until our arms were sore.  Due to a wrong turn we ended up getting a tour of downtown Atlanta in the process of coming home.  We giggled and laughed until there were tears in our eyes.  We were like kids.  In fact, some of our teenage kids were a little worried about us when they called to check in and we were laughing so hard we couldn’t talk.  (Now they know how we feel sitting at home waiting on them!)  What a great night and the weather could not have been better.  It was both exhausting and energizing at the same time.  We have decided we need this laughter and fun…monthly. We already have it marked on the calendar for August.  We don’t know where we will be having it but it is written into the schedule. Somehow in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life we have got to make time for the laughter.  It is medicine to our souls…and it is FUN.



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