July 1 ?

It is 50 degrees on my back porch this July the 1st.  Glorious. This morning I am thinking that God is giving us a reprieve from the heat these last couple of days.  With the drought, gas prices and a looming election the world seems to be heating up.  Today God says to me, “Live in the moment.”  This day is all we have.  I know it sounds cliché but the truth sometimes really is that simple.  Yesterday is gone.  Tomorrow will come.  Today…this moment is all we have.  This morning God is here in the moment on my porch…in the cool of the day.  It is a glorious morning put before us.

I have been feeling an unsettledness in my spirit for the last few months…like the winds of change are blowing.  This feeling I have is not a good one.  It is similar to one I had before 9/11.  I just cannot seem to shake it.  I am praying of course…but still this quiet morning assures me once again that God is in control.  He is not surprised by anything that is happening now or will happen, good or bad.  He can see eternity, and he placed me here on this day, at this time…on my back porch.  He is so awesome. I hope you will have the opportunity to enjoy this spectacular day!


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