Day 3

The turquoise you see in the pictures has not been touched up.  If anything the real thing is even more spectacular than the calendars show.  You could see it from 10,000 feet on our flight and it became more glorious the closer we got.  I have never been anywhere where the sky reflected the water…until now.  Usually it is the other way around.  Here the clouds have a turquoise tint to them.  They are huge and puffy white.  Then when a storm rolls in they shift to gray and baby blue with a shade of dark teal.  At sunset they are pink and blue like the cotton candy you get at the circus.  Shades of yellow and orange add fire and the show continues.  All kinds of colors show against the clouds throughout the day and if you didn’t know you were on the ground you would think you were looking at clouds from above, like from an airplane. 

The place we are staying sits back off the ocean on a small kind of bay or cove.  When the tide is out you can walk out ankle deep all the way across on sand the color of sugar.  If you go further out past the cove to the point, the wind whips up and the water gets choppy.  Swimming in a sea of paint you can look below you and all manner of life.  I cannot understand how a bucket of turquoise can be so clear!  We haven’t been snorkeling yet because of the shallow water where we are.  Today may be the day for that, we will see. 

There is a constant breeze through the giant palms.  Energy is high priced on the island, so there is no air-conditioning…at least we choose not to use it during the day.  The lights and fans are on timers so they will cut off and not waste precious electricity.  So far is has been cool enough during the day that it is fairly comfortable.  We are in and out of the pool and ocean so, as long as we are wet, the temperature is bearable in the 80’s.  At night however, we flip the switches in our rooms and cool things down for sleeping. 

Off the porches, on any of the three levels of the house the view is especially beautiful.  There are flowers like I have never seen before.  Pinks like Azaleas, and purples like Iris, and Reds like an Indian Paintbrush only with different faces, create a rainbow of color.  These are mixed with all shades of green as the tropical palms form a frame for the white sands and turquoise water.  How anyone can see such beauty and not believe in God is beyond me.  As an artist, his range and mixed media strokes around our planet are unparalleled.  He wrote this love letter of beauty to us to demonstrate his glory.  Wow does not begin to describe it.  A personal God that cares about the intimate details of our life is trying to get our attention with unimaginable and affectionate creation.  How can we turn our heads away?  How can we wallow in our tiny problems when he is saying, “Look up, I am here.  I am with you and I am for you!”  The amazing views can change your perspective if you let them.  He has it all covered and very much in control.  The details, down to the smallest fish are in his hands.  It is as if he created all of this to show us that his heart is for us, not against us.  We are enough…just as we are…to turn his eye towards us; to pour out his magnificent creation to bless us.  And He is enough for us.


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