Checking in

Hello all! We arrived in Turks to the first rain they have had since Jan.  The plane disembarks down stairs out the back, so we were drenched as we unloaded then again at the house when we unloaded our stuff.  It has rained each day since then…but only passing showers…kind of Florida like.  The waters are unbelieveably clear.  Turquoise and blue like you have never seen.  We have all been out in the ocean and in the pool at the house.  The boys went fishing today and didn’t catch anything!  Tomorrow is scuba diving day for those that are trained…my brothers kids…and snuba for everyone else.  That is like scuba diving only you do not have a tank, but a line that hooks to a boat above you.  There is no training for that so we are going, that and snorkling.  On Thursday we have rented a boat to take us all over and to see the surrounding area.  It is beautiful here.  I am writing and will post some of it later.  My computer does not connect to the internet so I cannot post every day.  Right now I am using my nieces computer…it is difficult to pry it away from the nine teenagers!!!  I did want you to know we made it safely and it is just like the pictures.  We are having a relaxing time all together.  It is wonderful.

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