One More Day

One more day!  I have been working like a trojan this week as almost every teacher in our building is moving rooms.  This happens often when a new school opens and the county is re-configured.  It is fruit basket turn over.  Fortunately I am one of only 3 or 4 teachers that is NOT moving.  This is a first, as I have moved every year since I have been in White County.  I have been helping my two teachers with their own rooms, as well as others that have been collecting stuff for the past seven years!  Talk about junk!  We teachers are pack rats and this week has proven that…just ask our janitoral staff.  This post planning seems like it has taken a month.  Things will change quite a bit next year. It will be interesting to be sure as new teams learn to work together.
On another topic…we are leaving to go to Turks and Cacious…I don’t think that is spelled right.  Anyway…islands in the Carribean and I can’t even tell you where they are.  Somewhere near Cuba I think.  All I know is that the pictures look unbelievable.  There are 19 or so of us going to celebrate mom and dad’s 50th anniversary.  The kids are so excited to be going on a trip with their cousins.  I cannot wait to sit and relax after a very stressful year at work and school.  I am taking my computer and I hope to be able to find some time to write.  I miss it…it is kind of like breathing to me and I haven’t been doing alot of it lately.  The island we are staying on has many activities for the kids and is supposed to have some of the best snorkeling around.  Right now I am up to my ears in clothes and getting things ready to go.  I love life…even washing clothes and getting ready for a trip!!!

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