The Graduate

The last of the lasts was this weekend.  Hannah has now begun the firsts of the next year.  We went to graduation under the threat of rain.  It was sprinkling and a bit dark.  Then the cool breeze blew the dark clouds away as the graduates took the field.  The weather could not have been better for the big event.  The stadium was packed to overflowing.  Mom, Dad and Betty came and we all sat and watched my girl cross the stage.  It was so quick!  I barely had time for the few tears that came.  Then it was on to the next graduate.  Afterwards we went down and took pictures of Hannah with an assortment of friends.  She was glowing and we were so proud.
Saturday, we had a party that was catered by Samuel (in case you hadn’t heard this joke…Sam’s did the food.)  Many friends and family came to wish us well and congratulate Hannah on her accomplishment.  We sang happy birthday to Aaron as well…tomorrow he will be 17.  Time is screaming by.  It was a wonderful weekend to celebrate life.  Life is moving on….and I am glad to be here as a witness!

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