A week of Lasts

This week as been a week of lasts.  The last band concert and honors night.  Last End of Course Tests and last play.  On and on it goes.  It is sad to be sure, but I think that Hannah is getting excited about the new adventure in front of her.  I know that it has not hit me yet emotionally. (That will probably come at move in day.)  At all of these events I have been proud not depressed.  She has become such a young woman I can see that it is time. 
Life is like that.  Seasons of time that change from year to year.  For Hannah, this year of lasts will soon become a year of firsts.  God is so good to give us the variety don’t you think?  I have always said I could not live in a climate that didn’t have seasons.  I enjoy them too much, and without them life would be one dimensional.  I think our lives are like the climate…in need of the growing, and the resting.  The dying and the new shoots of life.  The challenging seasons make us appreciate the peaceful ones.  And even though letting go of my first born is a hard season, it is the right time.  I believe it will actually deepen the relationship, because we will appreciate our bond more as it enters a new phase.  Tears and laughter go together in this moment in my life.  I want to be graceful in my release of my little song bird.  I am so honored to have this precious girl…God is so good to me…how could I ever withold her from what he has for her?  The answer is, I cannot.  It is a mother’s heart that breaks while it is soaring, and gives itself away when it really wants to hold on.  This, as with all pain, leads me further into the arms of my Father God.  I trust him with my daughter…fully….I think :)  I choose to have faith in his goodness…as I open my hand.

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