Stay True

God has been speaking in our household lately and to friends as well.  He is saying, “Be true to who you are.”  However, when he says to be true, sometimes it means you have to step out of your comfort zone.  I mean, I like to be comfortable.  No waves, no wrinkles in my life.  Smooth sailing.  It is what I want, yet God does not allow that very often.  Sometimes I feel as if I am in the midst of a choppy sea just trying to keep the boat from capsizing.  If my head is above water I feel I have accomplished something great! 
Yet God says in the midst of the storm, be it cancer or stress, stay true. True to who you are.  True to my plan for your life.  In the honesty of being true, your faith becomes more than words, it becomes reality.  Waiting, resting, standing, stepping out…all are part of the plan.  The trick is knowing when to do which one.  Of course, if we listen to his voice he will tell us.  It is listening amid the voices around you that is difficult.  That is why we have to cultivate our relationship with him; so we will recognize his voice.  We have all heard that a shepherd carries a lamb on his shoulders so it will learn to know his voice.  He has carried me through some rough times, and I know his voice. 
Now my children are learning to listen for him.  They are beginning to know that being true to who you are is actually a way to honor him.  Learning to have confidence in his ability to lead is a lifelong process.  Knowing that he is the one that will do the work is a hard one to remember on a daily basis. 
He is the giver of passion.  He is the giver of vision and inspiration.  Each of us has a different call, yet he made us all.  Stay true, resist the pressure to give up.  Stay true, do not let go.  Stay true…step out….

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