We celebrated the return of Hannah and Aaron yesterday with fried chicken, mashed potatoes, fried okra, and sweet tea.  You cannot say my kids were not raised in the south!  It has become a tradition…it is the return meal.  Of course I do not fry anything, so we pick it up and bring it home from a place here in town. 
They made it home safely, at 2:30 in the morning.  They slept in because they did not have to present at church until the evening service.  Hannah was kind of sick while she was there so she didn’t have the time she usually does.  She worked, but then towards the end of the week was having stomach pain, kind of a nausea.  Then on the plane on the way home she picked up a cold.  So she mainly wanted to sleep.
Aaron on the other hand, was excited.  While he was there he felt that God called him to ministry…maybe even missions.  He is unclear as to what exactly that means, but he was in bed when he felt God impress upon his heart to look up Isaiah 6.  In that chapter the verse that jumped off the page at him was “Who will I send?”  “Here I am send me.”  He said that as he accepted this that the burden he has been carrying about what to do with his life was lifted.  He still does not know exactly how this will look but he is relieved to have a direction.
They both shared at the evening service and I was very proud of them.  Hannah told how she got to share her testimony at a service and how cool that was.  This year they were building a church in a place that already has a congregation…usually there are a few people but this was already a church.  So when she shared there was a good size audience.  It was BEFORE they built the building.  People came and sat on the foundation for a service.  She said it was neat to see all of those people sitting under the stars.  She also shared how each brick is like a piece of the puzzle, of finding how we all fit together no matter what language we speak or what country we are from.
Aaron of course shared his call, but also how God used the people there because of their fire for him.  There is a different atmosphere there that is completely different than here he said.  When they had their dedication service there was standing room only and people were outside at the windows crowding around to here.  Many on our team had not seen that kind of spiritual hunger before.  It was a great encouragement and also convicted them that we are so complacent here.  They were grateful for what we have in a new way.  Cool!
All in all they had a wonderful trip.  Both feel closer to God and to the team that went.  They have a bigger world view which is always exciting.  Thank you for your prayers!

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