We had a group of kids over Friday night.  It was Good Friday so we watched a part of The Passion of Christ.  It was a reminder of all that Jesus did for us.  Our emphasis of the bible study portion of the night was the anguish that Jesus experienced in the garden. It made me think. (surprise, surprise)  I guess I have always thought that the drops of blood he sweat came from knowing that death was coming, and I do believe that this was part of the reason.  However, it also came to me that his wrestling in the garden was his knowing that he would be separated from his Father.  He knew what this meant; pain and heartache…taking on evil without his Father. 

If you follow that thought further, you wonder how did he manage to complete this most significant call?  In the movie, the agony is so clearly portrayed.  The temptation to stand down and come back another time in history must have been overwhelming.  Yet he prays, “Not my will but yours.”  Amazing grace doesn’t even begin to cover it.  The reason?  How did he hold on to his purpose in those dark days before the resurrection?  He thought of eternity…without you.  He could not stand that thought.  His love for you overcame his human frailty.  His desire for you and me to be reconciled with his father; to know the overwhelming compassion of God, strengthened him.

They are a team really, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  The Father gives the burden, the Son bears it, the Holy Spirit empowers him to withstand it.  All for you.  All for me.  A heavenly trio, that longs to be intimately involved in our lives.  It was the plan all along. Celebrating the resurrection on Easter is a party of power.  We rejoice in the empty tomb because we know how much it cost, the drops of blood, the brutal beating, the mocking and torment.  The death that ended all death.  The life that begins all life.  Celebrate life this Easter.  Glorify the one that gives it to you.  Breathe it in deep and long.  Most of all thank him for it because he did it for you.


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