God is so good.  He protects us and our children.  This weekend Aaron wrecked his car.  It seems that it was very foggy and he came up upon a sharp 90 degree turn before he realized it.  He hit the brakes and spun right off the road.  His girlfriend Laura was in the car with him.  They climbed out and walked to the nearest house to call us because there was no cell service in the area.  The couple that lived in that house were wonderful Godly people that cared for the kids as if they were their own.  When we got to the hospital, there was a doctor that used to go to White County High school and was good with the kids as they were examined and x-rayed.  As much as I was freaked out, there was still a peace that surrounded the whole traumatic event.  In the end, there were no broken bones, just bruises and scrapes.  The car will most likely be totalled, but the kids are alive so I am grateful today.  Relieved that even when I am not with my kids, God is watching them and taking care of them. 

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