We stand at the foot of a mountian or at the top of a ravine.  We shout…”Hello!”  We wait.  At first there is nothing, only silence, then comes the echo.  Hello, hello, hello.  It reverberates against what stands in front of us.  Sound waves bouncing and returning to their source.  It is a child’s dream to shout at the mountain just to hear the return of his/her voice rushing back in sounds that repeat the message sent.  It is a scientific phenomenon to be sure, but in the moment it is sent, that fact escapes the voice of the sender of the message.  In the canyon the message sent brings words rushing to the hearer. 
Now think of God’s words shouted…I Love You!  Can it reverberate?  What stands in his way?  Not mountains or valleys…only our hearts.  And his message is sent and there is silence while he waits for our response.  Will his message return to him in  many voices?  Will he hear it?  I love you, I love you, I love you. the voice of the sender returning to his ears. 
Then will we shout his message so that the voices can be many?  Can we share his message so that it echoes to all the hearts around us.  He loves you, he loves you, he loves you.  It is an echo, a message…a scientific principle?  I think not, it is a spiritual principle that is set in action by his voice.

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