Mountains and Valleys

Last weekend, I arrived at Amicalola Falls at sunset.  The view from the lodge was breathtaking.  Dusty Blue Mountains outlined in glowing pink rolled like ocean waves.  I was struck by the difference between the mountain and the valley below.  My cabin sits in a forest next to a bubbling creek. It is quiet except for the gurgling of the water.  The mountain top is inspiring, the valley is refreshing.  On the top the view is so clear you can see into forever.  In the valley view is limited to what is right in front of you. 

In the morning, it is dark in the valley as the sun creeps up to the top of the mountain.  The mountains blush in the dawn light.  The wind whips the trees and brings a haunting song.  The valley is tucked away.  No light. No song…just the continued rushing of the creek, rolling steadily along.  On the mountain there is an echo as sound rushes out to greet the day and return back to say good morning.  In the valley, it is silent.

Life is full of mountains and valleys.  We can see the future and all looks bright when we are on the mountain.  Faith is close to the surface as it bubbles up in inspirational thoughts. The wind of the Holy Spirit is blowing and singing to us.  We can hear the song and following it seems as natural as breathing.  The Son shines in our hearts and those around us can see him clearly.  God is faithful and all is well.

Then the high of the mountain top gives way to the depth of the valley.  It is dark here.  There is no voice of the wind to guide us.  We cannot see more than a few feet in front of us.  We have to take stock of how limited our vision is when we are here.  It can be a restful place if we let it.  No faith just bubbling up here… here you have to seek out inspiration.  The consistent roll of the water reminds us that God is faithful even when we cannot see the Son directly.  The echo of good morning does not find its way to our ears, but we know it is a good morning anyway. 

We go to the valley to learn how valuable the mountain is.  We go to the mountain to appreciate the valley.  Life is made up of both.  When you are in one or the other, lessons come that make us take stock of how God uses both.  It is my prayer that you will embrace the valleys in your life, so that the mountain tops will cause you to soar.


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