I am inspired.  I went to a writer’s workshop this past weekend. There were ten of us working with a wonderful author/mentor.  It was great to be with people that have a love for words and especially children’s literature.  I haven’t written children’s stories in a while.  My blog has been my journal through my sickness and all other went on the back burner.  Not any more.  My first love was children’s picture books.  I do not plan to limit myself to one type of writing or another.  This weekend we each started with a small idea for a character and, with the help of our fearless leader, developed a complete story.  It was amazing to watch the creative process going on in 10 different brains.  We shared our stories and developed trust.  It was a FANTASTIC experience.  I am still revising my story with the help of my new friends.  If I could just finish this degree I could really have some time to write!  Actually, all joking aside, the process we developed at this workshop is helping me with my research as well. 
I will fill you in on more later, the day after I got back Peter broke his arm, and William has a terrible cold turned infection.  A few days away and the world falls apart.  I had my diabetes doctor appointment today and my blood work was fabulous!  A1C 5.4  She couldn’t have been happier with the blood results.  However, my weight is up and my blood pressure too.  Not extreme…I say it is from sitting in doctors offices all day.  I am going to try a different medicine to see if that will help.  She seems to think that the weight gain is a post menopausal thing.  She said she couldn’t complain because my blood looked so good.  Another relief…

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