I remember when I was little that my mom had these friends that would come to our house.  She called it the “bridge club”, but over all the years I only remember them playing bridge one time.  I am sure they played more than that, however, in my memory I do not think that card playing was the point of the gathering.  It was more of a support group, ladies that walked arm in arm through life. Over the years the group changed.  Some ladies moved away, others joined the group.  There were tears and laughter as they helped bare one another’s burdens. Raising children from childhood through adolescence to adulthood and beyond, this group bonded together to cheer each other on. 

I have a group of women like that now.  My own “bridge club,” only we call it a prayer group.  It is the same thing.  We meet when we can, but that is not often enough.  Praying together is only part of our bond.  Our children are teenagers now so much of our time together is venting and seeking advice and guidance from each other.  We rejoice together and weep together.  It is like the scripture describes within the body…we feel each others needs and come together to lift them up to the Lord.

God has blessed me with friends that care about me.  They carried me through my cancer on their prayers.  Now there are family issues that are surfacing within the group.  I plan to carry them as well.  Fellowship with like minded women is a true treasure.  God could have said, “I am all you need” and it would have been a true statement.  We could survive, and even thrive if all we had was Jesus.  However, he created us to fellowship with him, but with others as well.  He knew we would need other women in our lives.  He reveals so much of his nurturing nature through the heart of women.  We may have our weaknesses, but women also have captured the ear of God.  He has a special place in his heart for us, and he hears our prayers.  He sees our pains and our insecurities, because of this he gave us each other so we could remind each other to look to him for answers.  We carry our friends to his feet when they cannot carry themselves.  Friends are a blessing to wonderful to comprehend. So when you see your friends today remember God’s provision for fellowship and encouragement…friendship.


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