What a week.  The snow last week and then again on the weekend messed up a regular schedule.  I seemed to be on the wrong day all week.  I could get used to working three days a week and then being off!  It was nice to curl up in front of the fire and read.  I also got a lot of research done…yuck.  But I am caught up to some degree.  Next week my big literature review is due and that will be a relief to have over with.  It is keeping me from my real writing here.

This morning I came over the top of the hill at my school, the mountains were lined with glowing red that spread into pinks and purples as the sun came up.  Blue hills stand there each morning to welcome me to work.  Mist, fog, or snow…the mountains are there.  I love it!  It is like a surprise that awaits me every day.  I am so grateful to God that I have such a glorious reminder of his faithfulness.  I do not always notice because my mind is occupied with the worries of the day.  I forget about all that he has done for me as I “get on with life.”  It is a sad thing how humans can be so pre-occupied that we miss God’s daily love letters to us.  I think he must write many of them each day just trying to get our attention.  Like when a husband sends flowers to his wife, he longs to show us his love.  We just need to open our eyes.  Today’s sunrise was too spectacular to ignore and my heart overflowed with the way he loves me with complete abandon.  I want to love him back with as much passion as I saw in the glowing sunrise.  Whew…what a God we have!


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