The Bucket List

I do not know if you have seen the movie or not.  It is Jack Nicolson, and Morgan Freeman.  I knew a little about it before we went to see it.  Two older men that had a few months to live go on a trip around the world.  I do not usually like Jack Nicolson…he is a great actor, but his characters are usually arrogant and crude.  I hadn’t planned to see this movie.  But the word at school was that it was a wonderful one…not to miss, so we went.  I have to say it was a heart wrenching, tear jerker for me.  The reason was that their characters had cancer. The shaving of the hair was a bit too familiar.  There was a small of chemo footage that brought back some memories that caused my tears to flow early.  In the movie their reactions to the chemo were worse than mine (brain cancer is much more aggressive treatment than what I had), but the chills and the groaning from bone pain were all too real to me.

 Before you get the idea that it was all about cancer, let me assure you that section was brief.  Just long enough for you to connect with the reality of the disease.  Without giving away the whole movie I will say that they began their journey to live fully.  Priorities were changed as they moved through the list of things they wanted to do before “kicking the bucket.”  It was funny, and somber, and made me think about how grateful I am to have a new perspective on life. 

The people in the theatre were moved as well and you could hear the tears all around.  However, when it was over I noticed that most people just hopped right up and moved on quickly.  I, on the other hand, did not.  I was taken by the closeness of possibility.  I have lived, though on a much smaller scale, what this movie was about.  It was hard to just act like all was well for me when it was over.  Not because of the sadness but because of the grief that other people did not stop to consider the whole point of the movie, which was how are you living your life?  What are your priorities and what is really important?  The movie was a reminder that life is short and that we should stop for a moment and consider that fact.  Overall, I would highly recommend this movie.  It was moving but not so much that it was depressing.  There was a great deal of humor that needs to be seen.  Laughing in the midst of illness and the fact that life should be fun no matter what your circumstances were two of the themes of the movie.  I didn’t really intend to write a movie review but I as read over this that appears to be what I have done…thumbs up…do not miss this one.


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