Glorious Snow Day

What a glorious day.  Do not ever let anyone tell you that teachers don’t enjoy a day off more than the kids.  It was so nice to sleep in and enjoy my kids in the snow.  We had a late breakfast, then headed out to war.  We sledded, kind of, not too much more than slush so it was slow going.  We ambushed one another.  Bill and the older boys took on Peter, Hannah and me.  No one won, but we all got wet and worked up a sweat. 
I needed to be doing research, but couldn’t bring myself to do it.  After all, if I am living life fully that means spending time that God sends with my husband and kids.  It was a family day and with no deadlines or places to be, and it was relaxing.  God knew that I needed this kind of day.  My thesis work is heating up in grad school so I am enjoying every moment to rest and relax and even procrastinate. 
I always love the quiet mornings of a white blanket over everything, so crisp and clean.  The dirt and mud are hidden by the pure white covering.  It reminds me of Gods grace and how it completely covers… no, removes the dirt and junk.  The hymns talk of being washed whiter than snow and on mornings like this I think I can gain a deeper understanding of what that really is like.  Then suddenly there are voices and giggles and laughter, without a care in the world except creating the perfect snowball.  Running, sliding, and throwing are the order of the day.  All regular activities are suspended, and fun is wrapped in cold white snowballs.  Another glimpse into our lives with God.  We should take a lesson from snow days.  Playing and enjoying Gods grace.  Rolling in it.  Sharing it with each other and frolicking as children in the snow.

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