Long Weekend

This weekend had been a long one.  We took a trip to Charlotte, only this time we left early on Friday to stop by Furman on the way.  We are beginning the school search for Aaron.  Having Hannah and Aaron leave in two years time is like a one two punch.  Where Hannah has known for a long time where she wanted to go, Aaron has no clue.  And he is the analytical one so he will need a great deal of data before he is willing to decide.  We have already started looking.  He really liked Furman and is not willing to cross it off his list just yet.  After Furman we took a trip to UNC Charlotte, and it is already off the list.  He did not like the feel of the big campus.  We met up with Hannah and William when we visited some friends for dinner as a nice end to a long day.  Saturday we went to our doctors office and sat for most of the day.  Then we waited in a pharmacy line forever!!  Bill was driving Hannah’s car on the way home when it had a flat tire. Since I was a few minutes ahead of him he called to tell me but didn’t feel he needed me to come back.  He quickly got the tire changed and let me know he was on the road again.  Just as I was crossing into SC he called again to say that the spare had gone flat!  I had to turn around and go back almost to Charlotte to pick them up.  We had to find a place to get a tire (Thank God for Walmart) and someone to fix it.  By the time all of that was done it was dinner time and all the resturants in the town we were in had lines out the doors.  We were tired, grummy and hungry…I refused more fast food.  So we finally found a Golden Corral and ate dinner.  Much more chipper we drove home arriving around 12:30 am.  As I said it was a long weekend.  It was helpful in the college search however, and in the fact that both Hannah and Aaron got practice at changing a tire :)   Silver lining….

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