Happy New Year

The new year has arrived in all of its glory.  The trees are dancing and singing today and there is a dusting of snow covering the ground.  The winds are bitter but the sun is gloriously shouting for me to take note of the clear blue sky.  It is 2008. With the arrival of the new year comes a time of resolution, usually for me that means a diet among other things.  This year, however, I am not calling it a diet.  I am going to live healthy and if I happen to loose weight so much the better.  Another resolution is to keep writing, as often as possible.  I know that my thesis will require much of my writing to be research…yuck!  But I can see the light at the end of that tunnel coming in May with my graduation. Hopefully my other kinds of writing will not go dormant in the meantime! 

I think that the new year for me is a time to take stock of life.  I try to reconnect with God during the cold winter months.  For me the dormant time of winter is a time to dig deeper in the word, and renew my relationship with him.  I am full of gratitude this year because I am celebrating one year cancer free…today…Jan. 2nd!  My kids have named this day Mommy’s Alive Day.  And we begin a new tradition of marking this day of victory as a family.  We have done this for years for Bill on Feb. 2nd to mark his survival of the accident.  I started it when I read in Deut. that God told the children of Israel to make memorials to remind them of God’s deliverance.  The memorials were made of stones and were erected in the desert whenever there was a significant event.  This way when they passed by the markers they could tell their children the story of God’s victory.  I began marking the years after Bill’s accident to remind us that God spared him and healed him because there is a plan for his life.  When our children got old enough they also began to celebrate this day of victory as well.  We usually go out for a family dinner to mark the day.  Now I have my own day and our kids will be reminded at least twice a year that God is powerful and he can deliver his people from disaster.  We will thank him for that today in 2008.  We will pray for a healthy year of transition as Hannah moves out this year and our lives begin yet another season.  We also thank God for all of you and ask him to bless you with a Happy New Year.


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