My New Book

I am pleased to announce my new book.  It is called The Nature of God.  I did the writing, much of it is from this very blog page.  My dad did the photographs.  I created this book for his Christmas present as a gift to him.  Now that he has received the very first copy I am letting all of my regular readers know about it. Many of you have probably recieved an email about it already. 
I have felt the Lord has wanted me to write a book and this is my attempt to obey.  I have more to write and share in the future but this is my starting place.  It is a beautiful photo book that would be a great coffee table book.  As you can imagine I am thrilled to have it published.  I could not seem to get the tag to work here so I am including a link for you to find it at the blurb bookstore online. Just copy and paste the address into your browser.  When you get to the bookstore, enter The Nature of God in the search window and click go.  When you see the book cover just click on it.  You can preview the first few pages if you choose preview.  Let me know what you think even if you don’t buy it.        Do not forget…Live Fully!!!

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