My friends the Kingtons are having to be flown to Macon with their little one that has Lukemia because there are no ICU beds here in Atlanta.  Can you imagine that?  No beds for a child.  Please keep them in your prayers.  She was doing well and had made it to a lighter more long term dose of chemo, but her blood pressure dropped in the night to life threatening levels.  Pray for that family as this is a roller coaster ride of emotions.  Not to mention the fact that Kenn is still doing his job…comedy, in the midst of all of this. 
Next, please pray for all of the people in ICU.  The fact that they are flying Kennedy Grace to Macon in the middle of the night stuns me.  I cannot imagine how many sick people there are this season.  I guess my heart goes out to all of them because I am NOT sick this year.  I know all too well how miserable it is to have doctors poking and treating you.  It is a lifestyle I do not care ever to repeat.  I wouldn’t wish it on anyone especially at Christmas.  Please pray for the families of those and that there would be good news in the form of Jesus this season for them.  Thank you, as always, for your regular support of the prayer needs I give…including my own.  Have a wonderful holiday with your friend and families.

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