Success Story

As frustrated as I have been this year at work I wanted to share a great moment.  Last night we had our Christmas
Around the World celebration.  My classes have been working since Halloween on a project for this evening.  I used the event to teach many concepts in a unit on drama.  The kids wrote, acted in, and created sets for a reader’s theatre. We researched a country and the Christmas traditions with it. The kids came up with the theme, story, problem, solution and characters.  They voted on each of these and decided what they would best like to use.  I wrote it into a dialog.  They were so excited to be a part of the creative process by making this reader’s theatre. (For those of you that are not education people–That is a play that is acted out WITH the scripts in hand…it teaches students to read more fluently because they have to practice over and over) 
It was a wonderful night.  One of my classes had probably 50 parents show up the other probably had 25 or so.  That many in attendance is unheard of!  It was a huge success.  One student summed it up when she said, “This is the best night of my life!”  That, my friends, is why I continue to do what I do despite the heavy load it requires…

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