Ponder This

I am pondering tonight.  I don’t know if I ever had noticed this or not, but in Genesis 1 (we started a new study in Sunday school today.) God says let there be light on the first day of creation.  But then on day four he creates the sun and the moon.  Hmmmmm.  Interesting.  So if the sun and the moon were created on day four where did the light come from on day one, two and three?  And if it came from God himself why did he have to “create” it?  Just thoughts to ponder…now you know how my crazy mind works…

2 thoughts on “Ponder This

  1. You’ll also notice that there was also a reckoning of time– it says there was an evening and morning the first day without this sun or moon. You’ll then see that day 1 is paired with day four and day 2 with day five and day 3 with day 6. Then the sabbath is set apart unto itself. The Sages of Israel teach whole books about these concepts and how they relate creation to time and space and eventually the model of eternity.

    The answer to your question “why did He have to create it?” is that He did not. He did it for us HUMANKIND to experience time and space in a comprehenible manner.

    It’s cool huh?
    Kim J.

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