Hello all…I have been extremely busy lately.  I haven’t had time to think much less write.  The church Christmas production is this week and I am serving.  It is something I wasn’t able to do last year so I am blessed. 

Saturday night I was able for the first time to go to the Cleveland Christmas parade.  Each year we have all been involved in the church Christmas play and have not been able to attend the parade.  This year since only two kids are involved (and they can drive themselves J ) I took Peter and William to the parade.  It was lovely.  On the square in town there were games and vendors selling things.  The shops were open and there was live music.  The parade was at 7:00, so it was dark, and all the floats were lit up.  It was like a Norman Rockwell scene. 

I was thinking how nice it is to be in a community that still has the small town feel.  Everywhere I went there were people I knew, students I had taught, and friends from church.  What a blessing to live in a place where you feel like you fit.  There is a great deal of pride in this town.  Sometimes it makes for interesting debate in the editorial section of the paper, but it is also what brings us together as a community.  It is funny how as a town our weakness and strength are one and the same.

I think it is like that for people as well.  How many times have you met someone with wonderful creativity that could not think in common sense terms?  Or a person that is so gifted in organization that they try to control everything?  The gifts we have are our greatest strengths and our greatest weaknesses.  I think that God did that intentionally.  He knew that apart from him our talents would go awry and yet he gave them to us anyway.  Why is that?  I believe that he gave us a choice to glorify him or not.  When we use our giftedness to build up, it blesses his heart.  When we are stubborn and use it for our own purposes, it tears others down.  It is another choice given to us by an extravagant God. He pours freedom out for us in so many ways; if we could just drink it in our lives would reflect His. Saturday night was a spectacular example of a community coming together to use their talents to bless others.  It is these kinds of events that give small town America a great name, and bring a smile to the face of God.


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