Kennedy Grace

I have a prayer request.  I have a friend that is a Christian Comedian.  He is sooo funny.  His 3 year old daughter has Lukemia.  I have written about him before, his name is Kenn Kington.  I just got an update that Kennedy Grace is in the hosptial with a high fever, low blood pressure and an unstable heart rate.  They are nearing the end of treatment so this is a bad setback for the family.  Please pray for strength for his wife Heather, she sounds weary and scared.  Last night, evidently was a nightmare.  Today things are some better but they have tried 10 antibiotics in a 24 hour period to try to fight off the fever.  I cannot imagine what they are going through.  I have no idea how or when Kenn will be out of town next.  He has to continue to work and many times it takes him out of town for a week or so.  When that happens Heather is caring for her three kids on her own.  She has a great support group through the church and her family is close by however, I know that not having him there as a support has got to be hard.  Not to mention, his job of doing comedy when his daughter is so sick. The 2 brothers are troupers but are afraid…this has been rough on them. This family has been a blessing to so many please pray that these bumps in the road would smooth out and that the treatment would be effective.  My heart is breaking for this little one.

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