Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I am at mom and dad’s tonight enjoying family time.  For those of you who do not know we have our thanksgiving celebration the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving each year at mom and dad’s house.  I had a terrible week at work and this was just what I needed to begin the holiday season. 
We were late coming up because of the White County play off game that went into overtime!  It was an exciting game, though freezing, and we were ahead until the last quarter.  Then there was a tie and we lost at the last minute.  Heartbreaking to watch those boys get so close to loose.  It was played at Grady stadium in Atlanta so it was quite an experience for everyone and we have never seen a band play like that one… :)  We didn’t get home until 1:00am.  Up early to come on up to Clayton and then we all chilled out and relaxed all day.  Fun times.

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