I wrote a really cute little blog yesterday right before my computer crashed.  Fortunately this was one of those crashes that you know is coming before it happens so I was able to save all of my writing.  Now I am tied to my desktop and wondering how I ever did this before.  It is similar to when I first got adjusted to a cell phone, then had to go back to one with a cord temporarily.  How did I ever do this?  I did not realize how much I use my laptop on the go…in the car, at football practice etc…  I tell you what, if anyone ever manages a big crash of our countries computers, we are in big trouble! The tech people at work are diligently working on restoring my computer after completely stripping it today.  Hopefully by tomorrow I will have it back in working order.
         My cute blog was about Hannah and her dad hunting bolts for a car tag. Last spring, she was at Berry one weekend and bought a car tag.  She had never put it on because she wanted to wait until she was offically accepted.  Well that happened yesterday, and last night at about 10:00 with flashlights she and Bill were attaching that tag to her car.  I am not sure what was shining brighter, the mirror letters spelling out Berry or her smile.  I was cheering with her as that means no more SAT or ACT tests!  My eyes were also moist with tears, as I saw clearly this new phase approaching me with the speed of a run away train.  We are thrilled and beginning to see her spread her wings as she gets ready to leave our nest.  I am fortunate that I have three more to soften the adjustment of the first one.  Seasons are changing… 

2 thoughts on “Celebration

  1. To know what one can have and to do with it, being prepared for no more, is the basis of equilibrium .(P.S. Buck)

    Change is inevitable, except from a vending mchine

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