For a long time I have loved wildflowers.  When I was a child I used to keep a wildflower journal.  I would identify a blossom and where I found it on our property.  It was my little black notebook which held the treasures of the flowers.  I think it was the intricacies of each little creation that held my fascination.  The tiny detail that is completely different in each flower.  To me, it pointed to God, even at my young age. 

I still love the wildflowers best out of all the flowers.  Do not get me wrong, landscaped gardens are spectacular.  There is nothing like a well manicured rose garden to create beauty.  When I was visiting England , I perused some of the most breathtaking gardens I have ever seen.  I considered, however briefly, turning my front yard into an English garden upon my return to the states.  There is beauty in the flowers that inspires. 

But the wildflowers say something different to my heart.  They are free and wild without boundaries. They are tenacious. They grow in the cracks of rocks and in the deep of the woods.  Unusual places are filled with exquisite delicacy.  When walking through the outdoors, they appear unexpectedly like a surprise party around a curve, or in a field.  It draws me deeper, around the next bend in the path to find out what awaits me there.  Like a trail of bread crumbs scattered to speak to me, “come this way,” “look over here.”

Wildflowers are hearty and the plants have the tenacity of a weed.  In fact, many of them are weeds.  Have you seen them in crevasses in rocks?  How do they hold on there and why would God put them there? They survive despite wind and weather to bring brilliant color to their environment each year. Whether there are people around to see them or not does not matter. They thrive.

I can imagine God and his paint brush adding color to his creation with the wildflowers.  There are flowers in places that no person may ever even see and yet, he put them there.  It makes me think of his kindness and his desire to bring color to our lives along the way.  I can be walking on life’s journey when a new friendship buds.  A smile on a bad day is like a blossom to my weary heart.  A child’s laughter pops up in the most unusual situations and reminds me of his desire for me to be wild and free.  He dots my life with so much color because of his kindness to me.  He did not have to add these little pleasures, just as he did not have to give us wildflowers to delight our eyes.  It was his choice to shower us with his little blessings even in the most difficult places because he is so kind.  He does not want us to get bogged down in life on the hard roads, or in the cracks in the rock.  He wants us to remember he cares for us no matter where our path leads.


2 thoughts on “Kindness

  1. If you get simple beauty and nought else, yoou get about the best God invents. (R Browning) Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we will find it not.(Emerson)

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