New Life

I think it is such a miracle when a baby is born.  It is like God is saying that he is for us.  He could so easily just zap babies here but he chooses to allow us to participate with him in creation.  Amazing.  Life is like that.  We think we have so much control but really he is doing all the work of forming us.  We are just waiting for him to bring our purposes to life.  We grow and mature just as an infant does, but we are still totally dependent on him to breathe life into our days.  I saw a new born baby this week.  Silas Talton graced us with his presence last Thursday.  He was 8lb. 3oz. and is as beautiful a baby as I have seen.  Sweet little face and a head of black hair.  It struck me, as I watched him sleep through the celebration of his birth, that he is resting. Even in the event of the day he slept. I want to learn from him.  A baby does not strive to be born.  When the time is right he simply comes.  Oh it is work for the mom, but even in that, the body does most of the work for her.  Like it or not the baby comes in its time.  I do not want to strive in my life…I want to rest in my calling, to know that God has seasons and growing to be done.  Work is stressful right now…I am striving and still not getting everything done. Frustration and being overwhelmed are my daily companions now.  This hasn’t happened like this before.  I feel God’s grace lifting for this work.  I do not exactly know what that means because I love teaching.  However, I am waiting to see what God is up to with me and my job…trying to rest in knowing that he will birth new things in his time. 

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