Yesterday I had my first official haircut!  It was getting a little bushy.  I have been putting it off, for fear that, we would cut my curls off and they would be gone. My sporty new look is fun and easy.  I do not want to loose it.  Basically, we trimmed the sides in close and thinned the top.  Then she used a STRAIGHTENING IRON to style it!  Can you believe that? She had to pull the curl OUT to style my hair.  That has to be a first.  The curls are still there, as I continue to adjust to having them.  Some days it is wavier, other days it is curly.  It completely depends on the weather.  I now understand why all my curly headed friends hate the rain.  There is no controlling curly hair.  Straight hair on the other hand is the same forever…straight. 

I think the fact that no one is happy with the hair they have been given is a testimony to our human condition.  We always seem to want what we cannot have. My nose is too big, my ears too small.  My eyes are too close together or the wrong color.  I wish my legs were longer.  If only I were short. On and on it goes each time we look in the mirror.  The problem is that when we are not satisfied with how God created us, we are questioning him.  We are suggesting that he did not actually know what he was doing when he made our attributes.  Yet he says we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  He knitted my straight hair into my head when I was yet in my mother’s womb.  It says a lot about my relationship with him when I allow the commercials, magazines, and media to tell me what is beautiful.  I am a one of a kind creation made by the creator of the universe and I am trying to look like a girl on a magazine cover? 

The really cool thing is that God is big enough to make my straight hair curly.  Never mind the way I got my curly hair, the fact is, he has the power to change things. In regards to the looks of our earth suits, he does not often exercise this power.  He loves what he created…who he created.  In his opinion, he made you just the way he wants you.  Why change?  You are his perfect creation…curls or straight or bald…I have had them all and he loved me through them all because He made me beautiful.


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