Playing Hooky

Part of Living Fully is grabbing opportunities when they present themselves.  After hearing about an exhibit at Carlos Museum at Emory, I decided to do something I rarely do…take a personal day.  The exhibit is The Cradle of Christianity and it is a collection of artifacts from Israel during the time of Jesus.  I heard about it from a woman at my school.  The problem was that it ends this Sunday and our schedules are packed this weekend (the exhibit will be too).  What an opportunity to see some amazing things from that time period!  And since Hannah has an interest in all things archeological, I decided to jump out and go.  I threw caution to the wind and pulled my daughter out of school to take her to a museum.  I know that is not all that big a deal to play hooky to go to a museum.  In fact, many would say that it is a boring thing to do if you are going to cut school, but it was freeing to do something together in which we are both interested. I called my dad and he came with us.  A three generation hooky day!

The things we saw were priceless.  The exhibit had some wonderfully preserved artifacts from both Jewish and Christian traditions.  There were burial boxes that they used to bury the bones of the deceased.  They had the box of Caiaphas, the priest that handed Jesus over to Pilate.  There was part of a Dead Sea Scroll that describes a third temple.  My favorite thing was a piece of the temple that was inscribed the trumpeting place.  It was from part of the temple where the priests stood to blow the trumpet for the gatherings of worship.  Room after room of mosaics, and history of the places Jesus walked.  He saw many of the same pieces that I looked at today.  There is something about that.  I have always loved history because of the way items tell a story.  Today, what I saw was part of THE greatest story. Hannah was enthralled.  There is a sense of mystery in viewing these kinds of artifacts, like pieces of a puzzle.  After this, there are more traditions I want to study.  I want to see and learn the secrets God has locked up within them.  It was a fabulous day to play hooky! 


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