Shadows in the Mist

            I love living in the mountains.  Right around the nearest curve there is a scene that changes with every sunrise. Each hour in the day brings subtle differences that show the never-ending palate of God.  This afternoon, a passing shower left a curtain of white blanketing the fields, and the mist was thick, considering it was daytime.  Trees hidden from view, horses invisible, and the fence was barely an outline. A blur of gray-white cloud enveloped the scene of God.  If I did not know the view well, I would have questioned if what I was seeing were real or shadow.  However, in the background the stately, solid mountains towered within the mist.  The haunting smokiness of cloud obstructed a full view. Yet, with knowing eyes, I could see that there was a charcoal edge breaking through the hanging clouds. I could make out the shadows that were the mountains.  For a moment, it was disarming to think that something as huge as a mountain could simply disappear from view. Yet, when I recognized the shape of the shadows, I felt a familiar comfort in their presence.

There are times when life is as foggy as the mountains after the rain.  Everything seems shrouded from view, and covered with mist.  Even regular daily choices seem unclear, and it is hard to walk in faith when God seems this invisible.  We try to trust him, but we can barely make out the outlines of the life around us, until…we sense his shadow.  It takes something gigantic to make that kind of a shadow.  Somehow, the overcast scene becomes familiar, and we see the steadfastness of God through the clouds. First, it is just the edge, but when we look through knowing eyes, we begin to see the truth.  He is sovereign.  He has not left us alone in the mist, but actually towers over it.  The foundation of his sovereignty is what causes our eyes to know.  He is there.  He is with us.  There is a plan.  When we see this view of shadow and mist, our lives become a scene on a canvas, painted by the creator. We recognize God in the cloud and in the mountain because he has revealed himself to us. The view before us is beautiful, as it teaches us the nature of God.


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