I needed that!

I love being in the presence of God.  There is nothing like it.  And while I love my personal secret place with him, there is just something about worshiping him when two or more are gathered.  A few people went to a friend’s house this past weekend to worship.  It was a casual time…sweet really.  I love it when his presence comes and you can feel his glory surrounding you. Peace settles like a blanket over the room and all who are in it.  You can feel your spirit begin to rest…sometimes it is when you are singing powerful words, other times it is when all is quiet.  New songs begin to flow from this place.  Many of the worship songs and hymns we sing were born here.  When our hearts cry out to him and his spirit answers, we are united with him and each other. In these moments, I never want to leave.  That is what heaven will be like someday.

            I think it is why, as believers, we are so set in our styles of worship. Whatever was happening when we first experienced his presence is what we long for. If you are a “hymn person” you have experienced the powerful words that usher you in.  If you are a “worship chorus” person you have repeated who he is until you feel your spirit believe it. Either way you are caught up into his presence.  I must admit these moments are what keep me coming back.  Oh, I know that worship is more than this feeling of peace, but wow, it sure is great to be surrounded by his glory. This past weekend was no exception. 

At the end of these worship times it never fails that someone, maybe everyone, says, “I needed that.”  It is as if in all the hustle and bustle of life we have forgotten how much his presence soothes us. When we are resting in the afterglow of glory, it occurs to us that we need this.  It is life sustaining, but more than that, it is relationship building.  There is a deep and abiding love that flows from the throne.  It is intimate, and we can only access it if we bow at his feet, a humbling but powerful place to be.  Giving up all that we are, to acknowledge his grace and goodness in worship revives us.  I do not know about you but I need reviving. 

After this time of communion, I was driving down the road thinking…just relishing the freshness I felt.  All was quiet in the car except for my mind.  I was expressing how grateful I was to the Lord for such a wonderful time with him when I said, “Lord I really needed that.”  And in his quiet life altering way he said to me, “I needed it too.”  One paradigm shifting sentence that hit me so hard I had to stop.

 God needs us?  He needs our worship?  He desires communion with my spirit…our spirits.  How many times have we sat in church just going through the motions when he was longing for us to enter in?  How many times have we just sung the words without understanding that we were on Holy ground?  This idea, this one quietly spoken sentence, exposed the heart of God.  He longs to meet with us corporately and pour out his peace.  He wants us to join together in humbly bowing to acknowledge who he is.  The quiet, the loud, hymns, or choruses…doesn’t really matter to him…he says, “Just worship me.  I need it.”  When we do, he comes and worships with us.  That is why we feel his presence so strongly…because he is there. He longs to know how we love him. It is not a style issue…it is a heart issue. Do we really know this?  If we did, I think it would revolutionize how we worship.  Our praises would meet his glory and we would experience heaven on Earth, because he needs to be with us as much as we need to be with him. He died for us after all.  To die for someone who doesn’t acknowledge you must be heartbreaking.  Fellowship, communion, and intimacy usher in his presence and his peace.  I don’t know about you, but I need that as much as he does. 


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